Hard-working teen falls foul of bike thieves

Marc Todd from Thropton.
Marc Todd from Thropton.

A teenager has fallen foul of rural thieves, having his hard-earned bike seized by police two years after he raised all of the money to buy it.

Marc Todd owned a dirt bike until recently when police informed him it was stolen, despite making two checks online into the vehicle’s history.

And it means that the 17-year-old is now out of pocket to the tune of more than £1,200 with the original cost plus repairs and extras he had added to the bike.

He bought the bike two years ago, aged 15, after his old quad bike broke down. He sold the quad through online auction site eBay and the two men who came to collect it offered the dirt bike for sale.

When the men returned with the bike, Marc made sure to ask for the logbook, which he was shown.

But after talking to the men for around half-an-hour, they left without leaving the logbook.

He rang back to ask for it and they said they would send it out and when it didn’t arrive, claimed it must have been lost in the post.

However, Marc checked online to see if the bike was listed as stolen, but it came back clean. He checked again earlier this year when he turned 17 and wanted to use the bike on the roads.

He was later told that the bike had been stolen in 2002 and then removed from the register in 2008, which was why nothing came up. But police still had the bike down as stolen and have seized it.

His mum Jan said: “We have not given him a penny towards it.

“He has done a lot of work on farms around here and he will do any type of work.

“We couldn’t afford to help him out with it and he was very proud of being able to do it.

“It’s not fair on him at all.”

Following being paid for work during lambing this year, Marc had to use the money to buy a quad bike so he can get to work at the garage in Thropton.

The family live out past Snitter, so it’s a long way to Thropton without transport, especially if the fields are wet and can’t be used as a shortcut.