Family’s terror ordeal as yobs go on rampage

Back in business - Roy Uddin at Barresdale Triple Diner.
Back in business - Roy Uddin at Barresdale Triple Diner.

A shaken restaurant owner has relived the terrifying moments masked yobs went on the rampage, smashing the front of the family’s take-away premises as young children slept upstairs.

Shocked mother Amina Begum branded the sickening vandals heartless, after the frightening attack on Alnwick’s Barresdale Triple Diner (BTD) in the early hours of Monday, February 10.

Two men wearing plastic carrier bags over their heads and another wearing a balaclava, used a wooden plank to smash the windows of the eatery.

The culprits then made off, sparking a police search, including the force helicopter. No arrests have been made.

Amina, who was in the flat above the shop at the time, described the ordeal as ‘scary’.

“I heard banging, so I looked out the bedroom window and I saw them,” said Amina, whose family run BTD and the town’s Mivesi restaurant.

“I shouted that I’d be calling the police, but they kept hitting the windows until they smashed. Then they walked off.

“I was shaking and my kids were petrified. My three-year-old woke up screaming from the noise. I think they would have broken in if I hadn’t been there.”

Her husband Roy Uddin, who was at Mivesi at the time, said he hopes those responsible learn to be good.