Extent of gun crime in Northumberland during first year of pandemic revealed

Northumbria Police recorded more than 100 gun crimes during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.

Crime in general fell during the first year of the pandemic, but Northumbria Police still recorded 100 gun offences.
Crime in general fell during the first year of the pandemic, but Northumbria Police still recorded 100 gun offences.

Lockdowns and other Covid restrictions contributed to gun crime dropping nationally in the year to March, but police forces across England and Wales still logged thousands of offences.

Home Office figures show Northumbria Police recorded 105 crimes involving firearms that year – and has dealt with 998 since police force level records began in 2007-08.

The National Police Chiefs' Council said there is more work to be done nationally to stop those intent on carrying weapons and prevent the "terrible consequences" of gun crime.

There were seven firearm offences for every 100,000 people in the Northumbria policing area in 2020-21 – down from eight the year before.

The data covers crimes involving lethal firearms like shotguns and handguns and non-lethal weapons such as stun guns, but excludes offences involving air weapons.

It shows weapons were discharged or fired 36 times during incidents recorded by Northumbria Police last year.

Nationally, more than 1,000 people were injured and dozens died as a result of gun crime in 2020-21, when forces in England and Wales tackled 5,700 firearms offences.

Robberies and violent attacks made up more than half of all gun crimes, with offences most common on the streets.

The largest proportion of crimes involved handguns, while weapons were fired in more than half of the incidents recorded. Victims were most likely to be in their 20s.

A government spokesman said it was recruiting 20,000 extra police officers and had given forces greater powers to stop and search, in an effort to tackle the issue and remove dangerous weapons from the streets.

He said the country had some of the toughest gun controls in the world and that firearms offences made up a small proportion of recorded crime, adding: "We know that everyone in Britain deserves safe streets, homes and communities."

Gun crime dropped nationally by 14% compared to 2019-20 and has fallen significantly over 13 years – last year, it was 42% lower than in 2007-08.

Northumbria Police logged 78 gun crimes in 2007-08, 35% fewer than last year and the equivalent of six in every 100,000 people.

The number of firearm crimes recorded by the force was at its highest in 2019-20.