David Hunter murder case: Daughter denies claims her mum was never ill

The daughter of a former Ashington miner accused of murdering his sick wife has rejected claims by prosecutors that her mum was never ill.

By Amanda Bourn
Thursday, 7th July 2022, 4:23 pm
Lesley Cowthorpe and her dad David Hunter, a former Ashington miner.
Lesley Cowthorpe and her dad David Hunter, a former Ashington miner.

The trial of David Hunter, 74, was due to start last week, but has been put off for three months.

He is accused of killing his wife and childhood sweetheart Janice, who he was with for 56 years. The pair, who are grandparents, retired to Paphos in Cyprus 20 years ago but in the last few years, Janice suffered from blood cancer.

She found dead at the home the couple shared in the village of Tremithousa on December 18 last year. Her husband was found heavily sedated and spent two weeks in a coma and once he came round, police charged him with murder.

Lesley Cowthorpe and her dad David Hunter, a former Ashington miner.

A bid by Hunter’s defence team to reduce the charge to assisted suicide was rejected and the trial, posponed due to “scheduling conflicts”, is due to take place on September 19.

Hunter has the support of his daughter, Lesley Cowthorpe, who is leading an online fundraising campaign to help pay for his legal costs.

But she was stunned to read national reports this week that prosecutors in Cyprus were questioning whether her mum had ever been diagnosed with a serious illness. She said she had proof her mum was poorly and any suggestion she was fit and healthy when she died was upsetting.

She said: “Cypriot prosecutors have disputed whether my mum had ever received a medical diagnosis of blood cancer.

“We need to make clear that my mum had indeed received a medical diagnosis. Our defence team have my mum's medical records showing her diagnosis of blood cancer back in 2016 and confirming that she was

still suffering from the condition in the months leading to her death.

“The suggestion that my mum was never actually ill has been incredibly distressing for my family.

"The willingness for a public prosecutor to put out false prejudicial statements shows what we are up against in our fight for justice for my father in Cyprus.”

“With your support, we will be instructing the top experts to give my dad the best chance possible.”

To donate to the fundraising appeal, go to https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/help-bring-david-home/

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