Alnwick Gardens love triangle stabbing trial collapses due to defendant's ill-health

The trial of two brothers over an alleged stabbing attack in Alnwick has collapsed after one of them continued to be too ill to attend court.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 3:48 pm
The incident took place in Howling Lane in Alnwick in the early hours of December 27, last year. Picture: Jane Coltman

Brett and Blaine Fenwick, both of Lower Barresdale, have been standing trial at Newcastle Crown Court this week charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent to a man they both worked with at The Alnwick Garden.

The jury was sent home last Wednesday, when it emerged that Brett Fenwick, 35, was too ill to attend court.

The case was expected to resume the following day, Thursday.

Newcastle Crown Court.

But Judge Penny Moreland was told by Brett Fenwick’s barrister that he was still too unwell.

As a result Judge Moreland said she had no choice, but to discharge the jury and have a retrial.

She told jurors: “You can see that Mr Brett Fenwick is not here.

“He is not well enough to come to court and neither will he be well enough to come to court tomorrow.

“There will not be time to complete the case with you in the next week.

“I am going to have to discharge you from forming verdicts in this case.”

She said the case would be re-tried when Brett Fenwick is well enough.

She added: “I am sorry that we haven’t been able to reach a conclusion with you as our jury.

“I know it is frustrating to listen to some of the evidence and not be able to hear all of it and reach a verdict.”

The trial was adjourned until November 18.