CRIME: Could a camera help problem?

We use all the words, appalling, deplorable, cynical '“ yes, and all of these fit the crimes of the brainless few who commit them.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th June 2016, 5:00 am

When the drink or other stuff is in, the wit is out, it’s not the masses, but the stragglers coming along when the streets become quiet.

When I was a young teenager, on Saturday and Sunday, and also Friday, about 10.30pm as the pubs were emptying out onto the streets, a police car was parked on the top street in front of the Corn Exchange entrance.

Then the two police officers would walk down Narrowgate, up Fenkle Street, up as afar as the WMC stand at the corner and proceed along Bondgate Hill, stopping to stand in shop doorways to survey what took place.

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Then, when things were quiet and clear to their satisfaction, they would get back in the car and patrol through the streets.

With technology of today, a car with a camera could be parked at such a vantage point.

I must say the old method seemed to work, but it’s the old things, words and talk are cheap, promises are made to be broken, don’t let it fade into the background until next time.

All those business people who have suffered who have my heartfelt sympathy and the public keep the pressure on – we always get great support from our Gazette on these issues.

Maybe a camera inside the shop windows would be a measure at not much cost to the shop owners, until CCTV gets installed.

Don’t wait, do it now as the zombies will be out and about again soon.

Dougie Hedley,