Craster WI, October meeting

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Craster WI certainly put paid to the idea that the WI is all jam and Jerusalem at its October meeting.

Jimmy Powells’ famous faces quiz resulted in much furtive whispering, hilarity and cries of ‘they are getting all the easy ones.’

There was grave danger of war breaking out between the two teams as we tried to identify singers and the songs from snatches of music.

One of the most common cries of the night was ‘I know that one’ as we tried to dredge up answers from the deepest recesses of our brains.

We had great fun trying to identify the famous faces as they were gradually unveiled.

There were some memorable cases of mistaken identity as well as some inspired guesswork.

If I remember correctly Robson Green was incorrectly identified as Prince Charles.

We really appreciated the way our visitors from Brizlee joined in with the fun.

All of this hilarity, in addition to a delicious pooled supper, means that we certainly made the most of our WI membership this month.

Despite this, we still found time to make plans to attend the domino drive at Stannington and the Christmas Celebrations in Hexham Abbey.

We also are looking forward to visiting Howick and Brizlee WIs.

There was an unprecedented result in our competition. Three people tied for first place for an object beginning with Q.

Well done to Shirley Tucker, Ann Mallen and Beryl Ainslie.

Our new judging system means that the competition is much more closely run this year.

A last-minute plea was made for a replacement secretary and president.

Members were also informed that our annual fund-raiser for local cancer charities would be held on November 23, at 10am. We hope that this worthwhile cause will be as well supported as in previous years.