Craster WI, October meeting

BEST BEHAVE: Craster WI was on its best behaviour during the October meeting as our speaker was WPC Roxy Bird.

Roxy has an innate air of authority and an engaging manner that enabled her to deliver a most interesting and wide-ranging talk. She covered many aspects of modern policing and gave us tips on how to keep ourselves as well as our belongings safe in this constantly changing modern era.

She covered topics such as identity theft and the dangers of giving away to much information over the phone or on the internet. The highlight of her talk had to be the moment when she opened her suitcase and let the members examine samples of illegal drugs.

This was definitely an eye-opener for most of us. At the end of her talk Roxy judged Vivienne Lowerson’s eye-catching display of yellow daffodils in a yellow watering can to be the winner of the competition for a yellow object.

Members have a busy couple of months ahead of them. We have a record 18 entries for County Day so our president Sylvia Biott has her work cut out arranging their collection and display. We have our fingers crossed that our talented ladies achieve success. Quizzes, domino rallies, a theatre trip to see Sister Act and a Christmas lunch are only some of the things on offer to our members in the near future.