Craster WI, November meeting


New president named

The November meeting of Craster WI was held in the Memorial Hall. We began by singing Jerusalem.

Notices began by congratulating Nancy Nicholson on winning the domino competition. The food bank was discussed. The WI is 100 this year.

The officers’ meeting began with advisor Prudence Marks arriving, the treasurer gave her account, her report was accepted and seconded.

President Mrs Doris Clark gave her address, thanking the secretary, treasurer and committee members. She said she was standing down as president.

Prudence Marks appreciated the work of our WI, especially the 100 year celebration.

Elections: The secretary and treasurer agreed to stand again. A new president was voted for, Rosemary Gibb.

The raffle was won by Sybil Dawson. Birthday flowers for Helen Chamberlain.

A pie and pea supper was served, followed by a welcome cup of tea.