Craster WI, November meeting

The president welcomed the visiting WI adviser, Alison Strong, to the November meeting of Craster WI.

After business matters were covered and plans made for future events, the annual meeting was held under the guidance of Mrs Strong.

A detailed and comprehensive financial report was presented by the treasurer, Shirley Tucker.

The secretary, Marion Gallon, then reviewed the past year’s events in an entertaining way, engaging the audience in lively dialogue.

The president, who is standing down this year, thanked the officers, committee and members for their support over the past three years.

Alison Strong then addressed the meeting, giving interesting ideas about recruitment and pointing out how members get value for money from their subscriptions.

She conducted a secret ballot for the new president, which resulted in the election of Joyce Shaw, who was congratulated by members.

Doris Clarke will take over as secretary, with assistance from Muriel Silk.

Pat Jones will act as vice-president for the next year, and Nancy Nicholson and Rosemary Gibbs agreed to join, and re-join, the committee.

The president thanked Alison Strong for using her skill and expertise in running the annual meeting. On behalf of members, Gill Twyford thanked the committee for providing an excellent programme and for their hard work during the year.

Following a pie and pea supper, the raffle was won by Alice Green. The competition winner was Pat Jones.

The next event will be the Christmas party on December 5.