Craster WI, November meeting

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BUSY YEAR: The president, Sylvia Biott, welcomed Prudence Marks, WI adviser, to the annual meeting of Craster WI.

Business matters were completed quickly and attention focused on the review of the year.

First, the treasurer Gill Twyford, gave a clear and comprehensive set of accounts showing a healthy bank balance. After that, the secretary, Marion Gallon, gave the annual report, covering the programme and range of activities.

She talked about a number of highlights including the visit of Hedley on the Hill WI to a Teas in the Harbour event, visits to other WIs in the region and a theatre visit to Edinburgh organised by Sheila Dixon.

She also referred to the high number and variety of exhibits entered in county day and a booklet outlining the details and the making of the 80th anniversary banner, which is now housed in Woodhorn Museum and in the WI national archives.

Looking back over her first year of office, the president said that she was grateful for the way that the overall structure of the WI and experience of Craster members had helped her to carry out her role.

She said that one of the significant events had been the Teas in the Boathouse day, not only because it was a record fund-raiser, but because of how well everyone had worked together and how it had felt like a happy day for the village. Visitors and members alike.

It was, to her, a good example of how WI membership provides a sense of belonging and contributing to the community.

Prudence Marks congratulated Craster on an energetic and rewarding year.

She explained her role as an adviser and talked about international day, bursaries, and the successful county day in Wooler.

Sylvia then thanked everyone, especially Gill Twyford, the retiring treasurer. Pat Jones presented Gill with a gift as a token of appreciation for her work over many years. Sylvia was re-elected as president and Shirley Harrison agreed to take on the office of treasurer.

The competition was won by Shirley Harrison, with Trish Flegg in second place and Elizabeth Herd third. The raffle was won by Winnie Banks.

After all that, pies and peas, and then desserts were served by the hostesses Joyce Shaw, Sybil Dawson, Doris Clarke and Ann Mallen.