Craster WI, Meeting

President re-elected

Friday, 18th November 2016, 5:00 am

November was the annual meeting of Craster WI, with Rosemary in the chair, Marion our secretary, and Helen our treasurer.

Jerusalem was sung and Marion dealt with the monthly business, reminding us of dinner at Cragside on December 9.

Julie Roper’s shop was to be open to WI groups on November 13, there was an invitation to Beadnell WI’s NHS current development information evening on November 10, and The Horseshoes, Rennington, was holding a sale of ladies’ scarves, jewellery and handbags for the Syrian appeal on November 16.

The treasurer gave us her report, which leaves us with a good balance.

The secretary’s report followed. She reminded us of some very good speakers we have had in 2016, and she mentioned that we had lost a very good member this year when Joyce Shaw died.

The president’s address was next. She asked if anyone had good suggestions for next year’s educational outing, and she hoped some younger members maybe encouraged to join the committee. She then asked that the secretary’s report be adopted.

The WIA Brenda Houlison told us about early arrangements for centenary year 2018, and a visit to Denman.

She had recently attended a reunion of her nurse colleagues where they had a guest speaker called Trevor Sorbie, who had written a book called My New Hair for cancer patients, very interesting. She ended by telling two funny stories, The Love Dress and Insurance.

We then voted for president and Rosemary agreed to stand again.

A supper of pie and peas and a delicious sweet was served by Marion Hogg and Heather Lee.

Raffle winners: Ann Mallen and Nancy Grey. Birthday flowers: Helen Chamberlain and Winnie Banks. Competition: 1 Ann Mallen, 2 Sybil Dawson; 3 Shirley Tucker.