Craster WI, June meeting

The June meeting of Craster WI opened with the singing of Jerusalem.

The business followed, including the educational outing to Raby Castle which had been enjoyed by all who attended.

The speaker for the evening was Julia Soares-Cormack with the subject, Tudor costumes.

The costumes were all hand-sewn by Julia. It was a really breathtaking vision. She had studied every detail, the undergarments, jewellery, material and style.

She had models of Ann Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots and one other who could be any lady of consequence .

To cap it all, her husband came out as Henry VIII with a magnificent costume which was very similar to the famous Holbein portrait.

Julie also gave us a potted history of the times and how the costumes were made.

She really entered into the period, making history interesting. She visits schools, has done work for BBC TV and certainly gave us a gold star evening.

Supper was served and the birthday flowers were given to Marion Gallen, Ann Mallen and Marjorie Hewitson. The competition winners were 1 Shirley; 2 Fyona; 3 Sybil.