Craster WI, January meeting

2013 has got off to a good start for one of the members of Craster WI.

Not only has Shirley Tucker recently celebrated the safe arrival of another grandchild but she has also learned that she was Craster’s overall winner of the 2012 competitions.

She beat her nearest rivals Heather Lee, Marjorie Hewitson and Sybil Dawson by a considerable margin.

Pat Jones’ kumquats gained her first place in this month’s competition for an object beginning with K. Winnie Banks won the competition.

Keith Adams was our speaker.

He told us about how research has backed up the idea that laughter is beneficial and told us about some of the work that he does presenting Laughter Yoga workshops in care homes, hospices and schools.

His laughter workshops aim to create a positive state of mind, boosting optimism, self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.

They often leave participants bursting with energy. There are no jokes. The laughter comes from fun exercises suitable for all abilities.

We were then given the opportunity to partake in some of the activities that he has on offer.

Members are looking forward to participating in several of the activities on offer over the next few months. These include the spring council meeting and a beetle drive.

The knitters among us are busy producing jumpers for ‘fish and chips babies.’ New-born babies born with Aids in Africa are often sent home wrapped in newspaper for warmth.

Our meeting next month is our annual dinner at the Horseshoes in Rennington.

Members were asked to select their menu choices and give them to the secretary.