Craster WI, December meeting

Craster WI’s Christmas party was held in the Memorial Hall, Craster.

After singing Jerusalem, arrangements were given for the service in Hexham Abbey.

An excellent buffet supper was enjoyed. Members had provided a variety of savoury dishes, while others provided some mouthwatering deserts. Non-alcoholic drinks were served with dinner.

After supper, our entertainment was provided by Robert Whitehead.

We were given music from The Bridges of Paris, through to Inspector Maigret, Irish folk songs, Jimmy Shand and many more.

We were well entertained.

The competition on December 4 was for something beginning with C.

The winners were Heather, Marjorie and Doris. Raffle winners were from Craster.

The table flowers were many of the prizes. Our party finished at 9.50pm.

The next meeting on January 8 will be members’ night.