Craster WI, April meeting

Craster WI held its monthly meeting in the newly refurbished village Memorial Hall after an absence of nearly a year, during which time major alterations have been made.

The hostesses had laid out the beautiful supper table and members began arriving to admire the changes and fresh décor when the lights went out.

At first we assumed it was an electrical fault in the hall, but just as we began to investigate the fuse boxes, Kevin Brown came to tell us that it was a district power cut and the whole village would be affected for several hours.

The speaker left, promising to return at a later date, and we decided to cover business matters quickly before the twilight faded.

Kevin returned with his wife Pauline and offered to make the tea on their own gas cooker and Joyce Shaw sent home for candles.

Thanks to their help, we enjoyed the rest of the evening with a candlelit supper and plenty of friendly chat.

Thanks also to the hostesses, Fiona Craster, Pat Jones and Nancy Nicholson, who showed wartime spirit, keeping calm and carrying on despite working in an unfamiliar new kitchen with a couple of candles.

Shirley Tucker won the raffle and the first prize in the competition, Pat Jones was second and Doris Clarke was third. The birthday flowers were presented to Nancy Nicholson, Alice Green and Heather Lee.

The next meeting on May 2 is our educational outing to Wallington Hall with supper at the Dyke Neuk on the way home.