Craster WI, April meeting

TASTE OF SPRING: Craster WI were in for a real treat when Lizzie Harratt gave us a demonstration of flower arranging, entitled A Taste of Spring.

Lizzie began with an interestingly shaped piece of driftwood, which she surrounded with fresh moss, all the while telling us how she was first inspired by her talented mother. As she added daffodils and blue hyacinths she explained how, after college, she went to the Constance Spry School and then worked at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. And the arrangement grew rapidly until she had a miniature spring woodland in what seemed like no time at all.

For her second masterpiece Lizzie began with a wreath of twisted green willow, inside which she built up a conical arrangement – more formal this time with pink tulips, blue freesias and cream daffodils, using cherry and pussy willow twigs to provide height. While she recounted how, after London, she had bought her own flower shop in Welshpool near where she was brought up, Lizzie’s third example emerged as a hand held bunch of red tulips with white gypsophila, finished off with a ruched ruff of cellophane tied with multi strands of green raffia – it was gorgeous.

For her fourth and final performance she chose a spectacular large pedestal arrangement, beginning with a multi-coloured and textured assortment of greenery, which was lovely enough even before she added the pale pink tulips, white hyacinths and other pastel coloured blooms. The outcome was not only a taste of spring but fit for a Royal wedding.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Pat Jones, and these glorious arrangements became the raffle prizes, won by a delighted Nancy Grey, Sybil Dawson, Mamie Soden-Bird and Joyce Shaw. Rosa Marshal won a fifth prize. The competition for a green object was won by Trish Flegg, Shirley Harrison and Heather Lee.

Birthday flowers were presented to Nancy Nicholson, Alice Green and Joi Alderton.