Craster WI, annual dinner

WONDERFUL WELCOME: Twenty-one ladies from Craster WI had a wonderful annual dinner at the Horseshoes Inn in Rennington and, as ever, this favourite venue did not let us down. Louise and Mark Dean made us so welcome and yet again we enjoyed an excellent meal.

The raffle was won by Sheila Dixon, and five birthday girls received potted plants.

The competition, an object beginning with the letter “B” was won by Trish Flegg with Marjorie Hewitson second, while Sheila Dixon, who was clearly on a winning streak, came third.

Louise gave the three winners a small bottle of wine each, and all the remaining competitors a packet of Love Heart sweets to keep for February 14.

It was a really charming gesture, so typical of our hosts, and rounded off in style a most enjoyable evening, where a thoroughly good time was had by all.