Craster WI

Our secretary was on holiday so the July meeting was led by our president Doris Clarke. The evening opened as usual by singing Jerusalem.

The important points were: Fund-raising cake sale at Dunston Square which raised £99.90 at the home of Helen Chamberlain on June 21.

The monies for 100 club was collected. Flyers were prepared or tea at the harbour on July 19, from 10.30am.

Our speaker was Ann Scott her theme was the language of signs, declaring that signs transcend language.

There followed a very amusing trip around the world, with stops along the way.

In New Zealand beware of the emu. From Australia, signs beware kangaroo and camels.

During a trip to Tailand watch out for elephants.

From the Cotswolds confusion over Chipping Norton, Chipping Camden and many more very close to one another.

The vote of thanks was given by Doris Clarke.

The competition this month was the letter ‘I’ the winners were: 1 Doris Clarke; 2 Shirley Tucker; 3 Pat Jones.

The winner of the raffle was Eleanor Hiberd.