Craster WI

As we all piled into the bus for Craster WI’s annual outing, I started pondering about exactly when we became of an age when we did not make a beeline for the back seat.

Maybe it was when we left school? I am sure I have more recent memories of being in the back seat.

Anyway, the more mature ladies of Craster WI did not let the lack of youth or the ‘April’ showers interfere with their enjoyment of their trip to Raby Castle. Much chattering took place on the bus and in the tea shop.

We were very well behaved on our guided tour and kept very quiet while we heard many interesting facts about the history and treasures of the castle from very learned guides.

I for one thoroughly enjoyed the day even if I was given the sack by Doris Clarke. It turned out I was rubbish at pushing her wheelchair. I took a little succour from the fact that my successor Shirley Tucker was apparently not much better.

We are now looking forward to seeing Tudor costumes at our June meeting.