Craster WI

Craster WI has achieved another first. We have had a poem written in our honour!

Our Auction Tea was such a great success that Hedley on the Hill WI composed a thank-you poem.

This was very much appreciated by our members when it was read out at the July meeting. We cannot afford to rest on our laurels though as we have our annual tea day in August and need to get baking for that!

We were pleased to welcome Joan Littler, who read a report on the annual conference in Cardiff in which she outlined some of the reasons for the non-selection of the anti-mega-farming resolution. Joan also informed us that 2012 was to be the WI archives year. This is part of the preparations for the WI centenary in 2015.

Like many people, lots of our members had read some of the works of the talented Bronte family but it wasn’t until Andy Griffiths gave his interesting and informative talk that we realised how extraordinary their achievements were, given the context of the times they were living in. We also wondered whether the schoolteacher who said that Charlotte ‘wrote indifferently’ lived to see the publication of Jane Eyre.

Our walking group is proving to be so successful that a Friday walk has been introduced as well as a Tuesday one. Look out Bamburgh, here we come.

Talented Elizabeth Herd won the competition for a brown object with one of her paintings.