Craster Parish Council, April meeting

At the April meeting of Craster Parish Council, it was agreed that the donation to the village hall should be £200.

Members heard that an application to re-apply for funding towards upgrading the overflow car park would begin after the elections.

The burn has been cleaned out by Howick Estates and Northumbrian Water has completed the work to the drains. Scott Grey is content that the field is solid enough where people will park.

Bryn Owen spoke to Mrs Cato from Newton Parish Council who would like the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in both the parishes to be in one group. Bryn suggested they do a Neighbourhood Plan to cover the parish parts within the AONB, so that the local parish councils can work together. County councillor John Taylor confirmed that a cluster plan is a potential.

Regarding the Dunstan water leak and the road surface, Michael Robson dowsed the field with Coun Taylor and they located the blocked field drains. Coun Taylor will look to obtain funding to have the leak repaired and hopes this will also stop the common field pooling with water. The parish council thanked them for their help.

A jubilee oak tree will be planted in October by Joan Angus.

During discussions for a real Christmas tree, the council was told a Norway spruce would survive the coastal climate, with the top of the Burn Bank a suitable location.

Coun Taylor is currently speaking to Ian Coe at the county council requesting a review to using double decker buses along the coastal route.

The faulty public phone was fixed. The parish council is very grateful for Marion and Elizabeth’s hard work in sorting this. The clerk is to contact BT concerning the Dunstan phone box which comes up with ‘No Cash Calls’ and to request a donation from BT towards the community for the residents’ inconvenience while the phone was broken.

Regarding broadband for Craster, lots of masts have been erected to cover the rail line, but not the coastal area. MP Sir Alan Beith is now on the case and reply letters are coming in from the network providers.

Joan Angus did not reapply for election. She has served the parish council admirably for more than 20 years and all the councillors voiced their appreciation and thanks for all her hard work and effort.

Michael Robson and Alan Punton will look at the WI outside seat and organise repairs.