Craster Parish Council

Craster Parish Council still has a vacancy for a parish councillor.

At the April meeting, members heard the new solar-powered parking meters have been re-positioned so they are out of the shade.

Whin Hill is still being blocked by parked cars and an ambulance couldn’t get through Craster.

Councillors hope these problems will improve when the order goes through for all-year-round double yellow lines, etc.

Marion Gallon’s email was circulated concerning the problems faced by walkers from Dunstan to Craster via the road.

Clerk Helen Brewis is to forward John Gallon’s paper to Northumberland County Council concerning the dangers for walkers from Dunstan to Craster from parked cars, speeding cars and the lack of footpaths.

The clerk is to contact Stephen Ternent to prune the trees at the entrance to the village.

Members heard a footpath marker post by the arch pointing along the cinder path is on the ground.

The county council’s footpath officer is to be contacting concerning the Dunstan and Harbour Lights markers and to request a review of all the footpath signs for the beginning of the tourist season in both Dunstan and Craster.

Concerns were raised about dog fouling on the rocky shore at the south end of the kickabout field.