Craster Parish Council

At a recent meeting of Craster Parish Council, councillors had no concerns regarding the proposed replacement dwelling on land at the former 21 Whin Hill, except the access. Before the start of the work, the builders will have to provide details of turning circles, parking, etc.

Mrs Taylor advised the council that they already have county-council permission for the other planned buildings on the land, but they wanted another separate application for this house alone.

Craster Community Trust has held a series of successful coffee mornings, etc over the last three years and has raised more than £5,000.

An email was received from the county council confirming that Craster’s quarry car park will carry on charging.

Joyce Shaw advised the parish council about the continuing problem of vehicles parking in Craster, blocking the roads and the difficulty the double-decker bus had turning because of this. The police were notified at the time.

Michael Craster discussed the possibility of the parish council owning the quarry car park. It would be very expensive to maintain and the sorting of the parking problems within the village were a higher priority.

Currently the parish and county councils are looking into the implementation of more out-of-village parking and resident permit parking within the village.

The county is looking to upgrade the quarry car park and increase parking spaces and make the double yellow lines current all year round. Concerns were raised about possible rock falls. The county council will organise a geologist to look at the quarry face and possibly installing chain netting.

Cars are parking on the grass opposite the church, which is causing it to churn up and the path is becoming slippery with the mud.

The clerk is to email county Coun John Taylor to see what can be done.