Craster Parish Council

Members of Craster Parish Council heard a talk by Jessica Turner, from the AONB, on the 2014-19 Northumberland Coast AONB management plan.

The AONB requires local data to work out the percentage in all the villages within its area between permanent housing, second homes and holiday homes.

A large map of Craster was laid out on the table and the houses marked in different colours depending on use.

Coun Michael Robson suggested new double yellow lines for the stretch of road from the bus stop past the playground on the coastal side to prevent double parking.

A water leak and road surface at Dunstan were discussed.

County councillor John Taylor said that Northumberland County Council has taken photos down the drainpipes where the water is leaking and the pipe stops at the entrance to the school site and restarts further down.

This will have to be rectified and the road surface relaid.

The Dunstan bus shelter will need attention when the seats next get painted in the village.

The clerk has emailed Northumbrian Water about the leakage of sewerage into the gardens of homes next to the pumping station when the pumps stopped working.

The county council has installed a new road sign at the cemetery. There are some leaning headstones and the Embleton Joint Burial Committee will look to sorting the worst ones.

There is a new memorial seat and the committee is looking to buy a new cutter and increase the hardstanding at the turning point for cars.

County Coun Taylor advised that the county council is reviewing its allocation policy for all social housing.

The allocation will be village residents first, then parish residents, adjacent parishes and then county residents who have ties to the area.