Couple speak of frustration over amount of lights by their property

Some of the lights in question.
Some of the lights in question.

Disgruntled residents have criticised the number of street lights outside their house, saying they have more illuminations than Alnwick or Bamburgh castles.

The couple, who did not want to be named, say they have six lights in close proximity to their property at Christon Bank – with the most recent one switched on at the end of March and just metres from their main bedroom window.

They say that the level of light is absolutely awful and have called on the county council to take action.

The couple believe the situation in and around the small Horsley Place estate is crazy, saying there are about eight lights in the area, which are just metres apart from each other – yet the village’s main junction, where the B1340 meets the B6347, ‘has no street lights’.

They said: “What have we done to deserve six lights around our property? It seems as if we have more lighting than either Alnwick or Bamburgh castles. It is lit brighter than Alnwick town centre.

“We appreciate that some of the lights have had their heads changed for less powerful lights, and baffles have been fitted to stop the light shining directly into bedroom windows, but this is too much lighting for what is supposed to be a dark county, and we were told that the most recent light to come on would not be activated.

“While we understand that street lighting is an important part of personal security, surely this is overdoing things. In our last home on a 14-house cul-de-sac, there was one street light, so this is inappropriate.”

A county council spokeswoman said: “We appreciate the concerns, especially regarding a street light directly outside the property. We have reduced the wattage on this to decrease the light intensity. We have also installed a back baffle which reduces and redirects the angle of the light away from the property.

“The original street lighting was designed and installed by the housing developer, which we have taken on responsibility for and converted to LED as part of our Street Lighting Modernisation Project, with the lighting designed to meet British Lighting Standards.”