County gets fastest satellite broadband

Superfast satellite broadband '“ the fastest-ever service commercially available in the UK '“ has reached Northumberland.

Monday, 5th September 2016, 11:00 am
Satellite broadband can deliver fast broadband to any home or business, regardless of location, remoteness or distance from the in-ground telephone network.

Avonline Broadband has teamed up with satellite provider Avanti Communications Group to bring the new service to the county.

Its launch coincides with a Government-backed subsidy scheme which means that the system is installed free for eligible users struggling to get fast broadband.

Mark Wynn, managing director of Avonline, said: “For the many homes and businesses in the county still waiting for superfast broadband, this new 30mbps satellite broadband service is available immediately.

“It provides a superfast service in rural areas where people have literally been waiting years for an upgrade.”

Rather than use an underground copper/fibre network, satellite broadband operates by sending and receiving a two-way broadband signal to a satellite about 22,000 miles in space, meaning it can provide equal quality of coverage oll over the UK.

For details, visit www.avonlinebroadband.comFamilies and businesses in rural communities can also benefit from a £350 subsidy voucher for satellite broadband. Visit