County gears up for new restrictions

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PLANS are in the offing to introduce parking restrictions on an Alnwick street after a resident complained that he could never find a parking space.

Ali Hutchinson, who lives in Green Batt, said he always has difficulty parking on the street, which is often full of cars.

Parts of the street where it meets Hotspur Street do not have yellow lines or other parking restrictions.

Mr Hutchinson said: “As a resident in Green Batt, I don’t have off-road parking at my house and I can’t get parked anymore. I’m trying to do as much as I can, not just for myself, but for other residents.”

Mr Hutchinson raised the issue with town and county councillor Gordon Castle, who has been in discussion with county council officers with a view to pursuing a residents’ parking scheme for Green Batt.

This will include extending the yellow lines around The Pinfold, and council officers are working on this at the moment.

“I hope that it will address some of the issues surrounding inconsiderate parking in Green Batt,” said Coun Castle.

“But before anything is agreed, it will have to go for consultation with residents in the street.”