County and town at the centre of TV excitement

Many residents of north Northumberland were excited last year when episodes of a crime drama and a documentary about the county were being filmed.

If so, the cup has runneth over now as not only have the teams from Vera, starring Brenda Blethyn as a detective, and Tales from Northumberland, with Robson Green, returned, but Alnwick has also played host to the cast and crew of major hit series Downton Abbey.

It appears that ITV in particular, which screens all three shows, has fallen in love with our beautiful towns and villages, coastline and countryside.

But as well as the initial excitement, these activities can have a real impact for the people who live in the county.

The beauty of our towns, villages, coast and countryside are the basis for a massive part of our economy – tourism – and the publicity that a worldwide hit such as Downton Abbey can bring is something that money really cannot buy.

Not everyone may wish to spot Michelle Dockery nor Hugh Bonneville, nor own a tourism business, but Northumberland can’t fail to benefit from it.