Counting the cost of spending a penny

A MAN caught short in Alnwick has been hit with a £35 fine after he relieved himself in a bus shelter in broad day-light.

Allan Bloomfield, of Palace Green, was spotted by an off duty civilian police receptionist in Alnwick’s South Road on August 3.

She then went to the town’s police station and reported the incident to an officer, who found Bloomfield thanks to the description given and arrested him.

Prosecuting, James Long said that in a statement to police the woman said she was offended by Bloomfield’s behaviour, especially as it was during a busy time of day in one of the town’s main thoroughfares, which was packed with traffic at the time of the incident.

Bloomfield, 26, pleaded guilty and told the bench that he was in Alnwick for an appointment with a dentist and did not know where there were any public toilets and was ‘desperate’.

Bloomfield, who was unrepresented, also admitted to drinking alcohol in a designated public place.

The court heard police officers had crossed the old bridge into Tweedmouth and spotted Bloomfield and a woman drinking lager from cans in the West End area.

The woman handed over the can when asked to do so, but Bloomfield refused and then took a swig from the can after being told to stop drinking by one of the officers.

Bloomfield said he thought it was okay to drink alcohol in that area as he was outside Berwick town centre.

He added: “Sorry, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

For both offences, magistrates imposed £35 fines, £15 surcharges and £85 costs.