Count the memories, not money

Northumberland musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

Saturday, 1st April 2017, 5:28 pm
From left: Derek Allan, Dan Rutherford and Sam Gibson.

February 16

It was a nice talking to Ed Tudor Pole about next week’s gig, more gigs and tours. He is such a nice person.

There was another walk with Ellie. This was a drop-off in Amble, chips and a walk home. I feel stronger after every visit to the places of the past, smiles then and now. I see faces from then and now too. A great walk.

February 17

Another good day setting up for WSFlyers, Sam Gibson and Acoustic Magic. We have so many players asking for gigs now, it is difficult to find enough venues.

Chris, our driver, took Shaggy and I to The Gypsy Rover at Redcar, a great gig and they love us, which is always nice, and so many CDs go out.

February 18

We watched some TV, The Jump, then Freddie Down Under. Mel drove me to Chester Le Street for another good gig and more CDs went out.

The cricket season is so close now. I am lucky to see cricket all year round through TV, but being at Durham is one of the greatest places. I would go to every match if I could.

February 19

With so many gigs being cancelled, I can’t do everything I planned. I could not make it to Whitley Warriors, but they won so I’m pleased.

It’s not long until the summer and Melanie is taking notes for the next charity walk in aid of Headway.

We are also trying to set up another darts fund-raiser for the British Heart Foundation. I want it to last 12 hours. We are seeing when the venue can do it and when Sam, Mel and I can afford to take a day off.

There are five gigs next week so a lot to look forward to. No school either so more hours with Ellie and Rebecca. They are always my everything lot to look forward to every day.

February 20

A Monday gig is always a good thing. The daily work in the music business is not easy so it’s nice to look forward to being out.

The Longplay Cafe is a great place and has lots of records to look through. The support act had to pull out, but Garry Weeks played. Another gig, another coffee shop. Looking forward to being back in April.

February 21

I love it when Ellie and Rebecca are off school. There’s so much to do and work wise, they are happy to help. We managed to do a long picnic walk, which we love, knowing somewhere out there Toad, Ratty, Mole and Badger are living the life.

February 22

Ellie and Rebecca love shows on TV that we love so we often run through box sets. The Good Life series is almost at an end.

It was off to an Acoustic Magic night at Creative Base. We love it there, a nice coffee shop with a stage and nice people. Peesh played a solo set, then Steve Wilkinson with Full Circle ended the night.

Spending the evening with people in what would have been a silent, empty room is always a great feeling.

February 23

Storm Doris ruined the day. Ed Tudor Pole phoned from London and the trains had been stopped. The gig and start to his UK tour was cancelled.

It is sad losing out on hotel money and the money spent on tickets and posters, but this is part of our music kitty, not our home fund.

Missing out on a night with around 60 to 100 people all together for the same reason is very sad. You do not look back on how much money you made and lost when lying on your final bed, you look back on the life, friends and memories you have made.