COUNSELLING: Free scheme for veterans

While many readers will have enjoyed a happy Christmas with family and friends, it is important to remember those who have struggled with loneliness, depression and anxiety over the holidays, and continue to do so.

Saturday, 14th January 2017, 10:30 am

This time of year can be particularly hard for the elderly, with many men and women suffering from depression, which can be the result of bereavement, marital problems, or a whole host of other issues, and yet receive very little help.

Aged Veterans Counselling, a Government-backed organisation supported by veterans’ charities, offers a free counselling scheme across the UK to anyone born before 1950 who was in the military or completed National Service.

Most men over the age of 66 did complete national service and will qualify.

Aged Veterans Counselling is able to offer vital support to those in need, providing up to six free counselling sessions in the comfort of their own home, provided by accredited professionals, which has proven to have a positive impact.

I ask readers to spare a thought for loved ones, friends, neighbours or someone in their care who might qualify and benefit from this free counselling service.

They can contact, in confidence, Aged Veterans Counselling on 0300 012 0247 or online at

Josephine Bey,

Programme Director, Aged Veterans Counselling