Councillors try to solve Amble parking issues

Queen Street in Amble
Queen Street in Amble

Amble town councillors have said that they are ‘seriously trying’ to solve parking issues in the Friendliest Port.

The message was issued at last Thursday’s meeting after a resident raised questions about what was being done for extra parking provision.

She also raised concerns about the temporary one-way system currently in place in part of the town.

The woman, who lives in George Street – which is included in the one-way system – said: “What is happening about a car park in Amble? We are encouraging more people to come to Amble, but where will we put them?

“Also, the one-way system does not work. The George Street back lane is a free-for-all and cars are going either way.”

A public consultation is due to start soon about making the system permanent and members of the public will be able to comment on the issue.

As part of this, residents in George Street and Lawson Street requested information on a residents’ parking permit scheme.

Of the parking, Clerk Elaine Brown said that one of the town council’s three priorities put forward for consideration in the Local Transport Plan 2016/17 was the creation of a large town-centre car park.

Coun Robert Arckless said: “The issue of short-term and long-term parking has been part of discussions. The highways team at the county council has worked hard, has looked at sites and talked to local businesses. We made some progress with the reopening of the car park behind Tesco on Queen Street.

“It is about finding land, but the highways team is aware of it as an issue.”

The resident suggested using the site of the axed Tesco supermarket, north of Queen Street and adjacent to the Braid, but was told that it is private land, belonging to the company.

Amble Mayor Craig Weir said: “We have thrashed these things out.

“If there was an easy solution, it would have been done. We are seriously trying.”