Councillors see red over colour of road markings

The Bailey bridge in Rothbury.
The Bailey bridge in Rothbury.

ROAD markings painted as part of Rothbury’s new one-way system that is in place for bridge works to be carried out have been deemed illegal by parish councillors.

New lines and lettering have been put around Bridge Street, Haw Hill and Station Road to notify drivers that a new system is in operation.

Double yellow lines which denote no parking have also been put on surrounding roads with extra lines on the kerb which indicates no parking or loading or unloading at any time, even for blue badge holders.

But the council believes the lines are the wrong type for a conservation area, which Rothbury is.

Coun Dawson said: “The lines are garish and as we are in a conservation area the lines should be primrose yellow and 50mm wide. These are bright yellow and 100mm wide.”

Coun Reynalds described it as ‘law-breaking’ and the council is to ask for the lines to be removed and replaced.

Questions were also asked about the markings on the kerbs.

Coun Dawson raised concerns about parking in the village.

He said that although the temporary Bailey bridge only opened on the same day as the parish council meeting was held, cars were parked in places where ‘vehicles have never been parked before’.

The council is to ask for lines to be painted so that cars cannot park in certain areas.

Coun Joy Morton said there had already been problems with the new one-way system with cars having to reverse up Haw Hill after going the wrong way.

The bridge will be in use until restructuring work on the main bridge is complete.