Councillors have Tesco talks

The fenced-off buildings on The Braid.
The fenced-off buildings on The Braid.
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Action has been taken to reduce anti-social behaviour at an eyesore site earmarked for a supermarket development – and police say the number of incidents are dropping.

A security fence and CCTV have been installed on a section of Amble’s Braid, which is home to a string of empty buildings and the area has been a frequent haunt for youths.

The fenced-off buildings on The Braid.

The fenced-off buildings on The Braid.

The plot is owned by Tesco, as part of its stalled eco-store development, and has long been a source of complaints by people in the town, criticising its appearance and the yobs who congregate there.

However, neighbourhood police Inspector Paul Truscott, believes the anti-social behaviour problem is improving.

It follows what police have described as extensive multi-agency work carried out in the area, involving residents, town and county councillors, the Community Safety Partnership, representatives from Tesco and police.

He said: “Issues concerning this site have been fully discussed by all the agencies and groups involved and a security fence has been built and a CCTV camera put in place covering the area to mitigate against any anti-social behaviour.

“Officers in this area have had a lot of support for the work they have carried out and we have noticed a drop in all instances of anti-social behaviour, which is good for both the local community and the town.”

In the summer, concerned resident Harvey McManus, whose home backs onto The Braid, contacted the Gazette to complain about the problems at the site.

On Tuesday, he said that the amount of anti-social behaviour has dropped following recent action at the site, but was still critical of its appearance and wanted to see the derelict buildings demolished.

The Tesco situation was discussed at Amble Town Council on Thursday. Members welcomed the CCTV and fencing, but called for the derelict buildings to be knocked down as soon as possible to tidy the area and improve safety.