COUNCILLOR: Where have they gone?

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Returning from a week in Slough – my children have always enjoyed exotic locations – thanks to the local Conservatives, I found a copy of their Northumberland News waiting for me on the mat.

Ever since that Brexit advert which suggested millions would be returned to the NHS once we had taken back control of our affairs from Brussels, I quickly moved beyond a headline claiming the NHS will benefit from a budget boost.

Having spent a week travelling the capital’s public transport, I had had enough of works of fiction masquerading there as railway timetables to last a lifetime, and went straight to the back page, where there was a list of local Conservative councillors.

No matter how closely I looked, one name was missing – that of my local councillor, Roderick Lawrie, who is supposed to represent Norham and Islandshire.

I knew that he could be difficult to contact, and had even heard rumours that he had re-located to the Isle of Man. Never in my wildest imagination did I consider he might no longer exist, that he might have been vaped in one of the tobacco products he markets – literally gone up in smoke.

Could someone please tell me what has happened to Coun Lawrie?

Colin Wakeling,