Councillor promises ‘education revolution’

Andy Johnson and Coun Wayne Daley.
Andy Johnson and Coun Wayne Daley.

The councillor responsible for young people has pledged ‘a revolution in education in Northumberland’.

Coun Wayne Daley, the cabinet member for children’s services, also said: “It’s an absolute commitment of this administration to raise the attainment of young people.”

His comments came as he introduced the annual report from the council’s director of education, which was presented to councillors at a meeting on Tuesday.

As previously reported, Andy Johnson, in his final report before retiring, underlined that while education for children up to the age of 11 remains very strong, above the age of 11, however, is a different picture.

It has improved, he said, but not enough and not quickly enough.

He added: “Trying to get people to work together in partnership – that’s probably the biggest challenge for everyone.

“Now that the education system has become so disparate, we have been a force for good in trying to get people around the table and working together.”

Coun Nick Oliver said: “We have some disparities which are just unacceptable.

“But it’s encouraging to hear talk about working with partners; we could just say, we can’t do anything because they are academies, but it’s great to hear we are not doing that.”