Councillor paid council tax late due to an ‘oversight’

Kate Cairns
Kate Cairns

A court summons was served against a Northumberland county councillor for overdue council-tax payments, an investigation has revealed.

Kate Cairns, ward member for Longhoughton, was also issued with two reminder letters for the late bill, which totalled £1,889.85.

However, she paid the amount in full before the case went to court and has put it down to an oversight.

She said: “I was out of the country for an extended period, at a time which coincided with delivery of the postal correspondence concerning this issue.

“On return and receipt of the demands, I immediately paid in full.”

It follows an investigation by Private Eye, which revealed a list of members in local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales who paid council tax late in 2015/16, with details of action taken.