COUNCILLOR: Issues were cleared up

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Thank you Gordon Castle, county councillor.

I live in Allerburn Lea and have recently had to call on Gordon for help in two local matters.

I was alerted by residents to the possibility that many more trees had been marked for felling on the Allerburn House site, this after drastic felling last year.

A further 38 trees had been marked with a white cross along the southern border of the site. Such crosses had previously designated trees to be felled.

Had this gone ahead, the character of Allerburn Lea would have been changed forever.

I contacted Gordon, who immediately passed on our concerns to the principal planning officer Tony Carter, who attended a meeting with the developers and spoke to residents.

Gordon has been instrumental in ensuring that everyone knew what was happening and keeping us up to date.

The outstanding result is that only eight trees need to be felled and Gordon’s swift action has prevented destruction of a great local amenity.

The second issue was earlier this year when residents were dissatisfied with the state of road repairs, badly flattened and soon displaced.

Gordon has secured funding for the main road through the estate to be resurfaced and this should be starting before too long.

For most of the time, most of us are unaware of what our county councillors do. However, we badly needed help on these two occasions and Gordon has been there and definitely helped Allerburn Lea residents.

I wish to thank him on behalf of us all.

Sue Allcroft,

Alnwick Town Councillor