Council wants to ensure everyone can access the town

Bondgate Cobbles in Alnwick town centre.
Bondgate Cobbles in Alnwick town centre.

Alnwick Town Council is carrying out the first phase of an access survey to identify how the town can be made more accessible for people with mobility issues.

The council wants to identify the physical barriers disabled people face in their everyday lives that prevent them from being able to access fully all that the town offers for shopping and leisure activities.

“We welcome the proposals from Northumberland County Council, outlined in the Gazette last week, which will transform access for pedestrians, disabled people and parents with young children, as money becomes available, over many years,” said Coun George Mavin.

“Coincidentally, from isolated comments made to councillors over the past months, the planning and transport committee of the town council discussed, and has agreed, to undertake a user access survey.

“It was thought that many improvements can be identified, some at low cost, which could be undertaken in the short term.

“The results from the access survey could make a substantial difference to these users and the survey will also be a useful contribution to Northumberland County Council’s long-term vision.”

As a first step, they would like to talk to people who are affected by access problems to get their feedback for an overall view of the issues.

A survey of people with young children has already been undertaken and has provided very valuable information.

The council is now seeking people who use mobility scooters or with other mobility problems and those who are visually impaired who would be happy to take part in the survey.

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