Council wants flashing speed signs on A697

Flashing road sign / speed limit / slow down
Flashing road sign / speed limit / slow down

Councillors in Wooler are keen to install flashing speed signs on the A697 through the village and are investigating the costs.

The issue of vehicles speeding through the village on South Road has long been an issue raised by residents and councillors alike and in the past, the parish council was told that it could not install flashing signs.

But at Monday night’s meeting, members heard that signs, which flash up with your speed as you drive through, had now been installed in Milfield.

Chairman Colin Burn told the meeting that one quote had been received and that was for £2,200 for one sign.

However, parish and county councillor Anthony Murray said that he had contributed to the Milfield signs, which he would also try to do for Wooler, and also said that he believed the cost there was more like £3,000 for both signs.

Coun Robert Donkin asked PC Andy Clark, who was at the meeting providing a monthly update from the police, whether the signs in Milfield had made a difference.

PC Clark said he didn’t know, especially as the signs are relatively new, but anecdotal evidence from other councillors seemed to suggest that cars do slow down when they see the signs.