Council vows to repaint ‘shocking’ road markings

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Road markings that sparked complaints from local residents will now be repainted by Northumberland County Council.

Work to repair, then improve, gas pipes in Alnwick town centre throughout April sparked much debate but now the repainting of the road markings has prompted further criticisim.

Residents contacted the Gazette to complain that the repainting of the ‘keep clear’ sign on the road outside the White Swan Hotel on Bondgate Within, was an ‘absolute disgrace’.

On our Facebook page, Rebecka Weidner said it was ‘absolutely shocking’ .

Dale H Collis wrote ‘They (NCC) repair pot holes and damaged roads in a similar cack-handed manner. Only costs more money in the long run’.

A spokesman from Northern Gas Networks said: “The work to reinstate the road markings is only temporary. It is the council who have the professional line marking machines.”

A spokesman from Northumberland County Council said that ‘the gas company did exactly what they were supposed to do – they repainted the letters that were affected by their work’. He said the road markings in the area will be completed by next week.

He added that the council does line repainting work on a batch basis so it is more cost-effective.

A reader also sent in a photograph of the repainting work at Alnmouth Station.

The spokesman said that the painting work at the station would take place within the next two to three weeks.

Unfinished road markings can be reported at www.