Council talks about future of leisure space

Red Row Welfare
Red Row Welfare

East Chevington Parish Council has talked about exploring the possibility of running a well-used leisure space.

At Monday’s meeting, members suggested looking at the implications of running Red Row Welfare, which is owned by the parish council, but leased to the county council.

Coun Scott Dickinson said: “I think it is worth looking at whether we should run it locally. I think it is something we should explore. Do we think we could do a better job managing it at a local level?

“It could give more scope to advertise it locally and run it better for the needs of the community. But first we need to approach the county and say we are going to consider this and look at the running costs and weigh it up.

“We have got money to spend on the Welfare which has been ring-fenced, the Welfare is being used and it is in a good state of repair. Why don’t we look at it and see if it could work?”

“We are looking at when the lease runs out. We don’t want to be in a position where it ends and we haven’t discussed or looked at this.”

Coun Fred Thurgood believed the Welfare costs around £20,000 a year to run, with grass cuts and maintenance.

Supporting football club

The parish council has agreed to support Red Row Welfare Football Club by agreeing to grant £5,850 for the cost of installing a barrier around the pitch at the Welfare. The money has come from a ring-fenced pot of cash which the council has for investment at the Welfare.

The work is needed as part of requirements to compete in the Northern Football Alliance. It follows Red Row’s promotion from the North Northumberland League last season. The work needs to be done before the start of the new season.

Coun Dickinson praised the club for its success.