Council planning notices

Latest planning applications.
Latest planning applications.

Bamburgh: Jo Robison, land east of Armstrong House, Front Street, development of three residential dwellings.

Embleton: Tim Unwin, Blue Bell Inn, W T Stead Road, listed building consent, proposed replacement signage and installation of two fascia signboards to front elevation and one fascia sign to east and one fascia sign to west elevations.

Felton: Craig Ross (agent), The Shaw & The Brocks, demolition of redundant agricultural buildings at The Shaw and erection of two residential units and erection of one. residential unit at The Brocks,

Newton-by-the-Sea: Craig Ross (agent), Newton Hall, retrospective – retention of an external fireplace to the west of the function room associated with Newton Hall.

Warkworth: Darren Taylor, 8 Warkworth Avenue, conservatory to the rear elevation; Mr & Mrs Clapham, 16 Coquet Way, rear extension to the property to increase living room and bedroom size.