Council planning notices

Beadnell: Mr and Mrs A Wilson, 122 Harbour Road, construction of a new detached dwelling and integral garage.

Belford: Nick Johnson, land west of 30 High Street, outline – new two-storey building.

Embleton: Mark Bridgeman, land north of Woodsteads, U3010 Station Road, outline – development of approximately 36 residential dwellings and associated infrastructure.

Longhorsley: Mr and Mrs Evans, Emmaus, West Road, proposed construction of new two-storey detached dwelling with three-storey turret feature providing access to roof terrace.

Red Row: Pat Costello, land west of Grey Arms Court, alteration to existing garage to form new dwelling.

Stamford: C/O agent, Black Rock Forge, Stamford Cottages, change of use of existing redundant building to create one dwelling.

Wooler: Wooler First School, proposal to supply and fit decking and a canopy outside school-hall double doors to provide sheltered area.