Council planning notices

Amble: Douglas Temple, 21 High Street, construction of new dwelling following the demolition of 11 garages. Re-submission of refused app.

Bamburgh: Miss EE Humphreys, The Bungalow, East Burton, proposed alterations and extensions to existing dwelling incorporating new first floor with two new dormers, new-build detached garage with gym above and new package treatment plant.

Boulmer: Defence Infrastructure Organisation, RAF Boulmer, prior notification of demolition of R12 Command and Control building.

Seahouses: Mr K Britton, Seafield Park, construction of a new sports association clubhouse; Mr and Mrs Peter Bernard, South View, 8 Elford Farm Cottages, two-storey kitchen, living and bed extension and reorganisation.

Wooler: Mr and Mrs J Woolett, land north-west of Bridgend Park, proposed construction of new detached dwelling with new access to highway.