Council planning notices

Bamburgh: Stephen Crosby, 17 Lucker Road, proposed two-storey side extension with dormer window and single-storey sunroom extension to rear.

Belford: Duncan Clark, Raynham Road phase Two areas 2A, 2B and 2C, Raynham Road, erection of 12 dwellings comprising six new affordable houses for rent by a registered social landlord (RSL) and six for sale as part of phase two (see previous approval 7/B/1058).

North Sunderland: Toby Douglas, 143 Main Street, construction of two-storey rear extension, replace conservatory to sunroom and combine dormer windows to second floor.

Shilbottle: Shilbottle Parish Council, land north of graveyard, Leatherland Road, change of use from paddock used to graze horses to cemetery.

Warkworth: Mr D Orange, 10 Castle Street, trees in a conservation area: Ash – remove large piece of dead wood from main stem and prune back. Sycamore – crown thin by 15 per cent, removing all crossing, crowded and rubbing limbs.