Council invites schoolchildren to get involved

Wooler Parish Council is keen to involve young people in the work it does and get their views on what they would like to see happening in the village.

At their May meeting, councillors agreed that a letter would be sent to both the first and middle schools, to ask if they could talk to pupils.

Raising the idea, Coun Alfreda Hindmarsh said it would be good for members to go into the middle school and speak to the children about the council’s role and responsibilities.

“The children would become aware that if there’s damage the parish council is responsible for maintaining it, and it’s costing their parents because that is where we get the money from,” Coun Hindmarsh explained.

“It would also engage the young people to see how they would like to see things take shape, and find out what they would like to do or see.”

Coun Shirley Mills felt there was scope to expand the scheme to include the first school and other organisations.

“I think the little school understand more than we give them credit for,” she said. “They are quite interested in what’s going on in Wooler.

“The first school is already recycling which is helping the environment, they have got the community involved, and they might have some other ideas.”

Coun Mills also suggested inviting young people to attend the parish council meetings.

“Would it be possible to put a letter into the schools saying we would like to involve the young ones in our meetings at some point, to come forward with ideas that they would like to see for their town in the future?” she asked.

“We could also get the Brownies and Scouts involved? Maybe we could have a young people’s council? We could link it with the drop in.”

Coun Rosanna Reid added: “It’s really important to engage with young people because they are the future. We should ask their opinion. It would be really interesting to get their views.”

The parish council hopes to meet schools in the near future, with a view to introducing the scheme next term.