COUNCIL: Disgusted by the behaviour

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I write with regard to a recent parish council meeting in Rothbury.

It was reported that in the last meeting Coun Steven Bridgett was giving an update, as requested, regarding the gritter strategy for Rothbury, given the closure of the Alnwick Road and implications on access to the local area (Northumberland Gazette, November 16 and 23).

During his oration, one of the councillors yawned loudly, to which Steven retorted: “Am I boring you?” To which she replied, “Yes”.

This remark went completely unchallenged and, unsurprisingly, Steven left the meeting a short time later, before it had ended.

As a parishioner, I am disgusted that my contribution towards the precept is being idled away so that the council can behave in this way.

Is it time that the in-fighting and personal agendas are challenged and that councillors not behaving appropriately and straying from the agenda are reprimanded?

We elect these people to represent our views and get the job done, not to sit around a table to pass the time and cause disruption and unrest.

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