Council blunder causes Alnwick traffic chaos

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A COUNCIL blunder has led to traffic chaos in Alnwick.

Fenkle Street in the town was the alternate route to use today and tomorrow as Bondgate Within and Narrogate are closed for Festival of Alnwick events.

But a lack of coordination by Northumberland County Council means the street has been closed for resurfacing ahead of tomorrow’s visit of the Olympic Torch, causing traffic to be further diverted.

Work was due to have taken place last week to resurface the road and spruce up the area as part of a series of works taking place across the county for the Torch Relay.

Alnwick town and county councillor Gordon Castle said: “It is a most regrettable failure of coordination but I have made absolutely sure that it is all going to be clear by tomorrow. There has been a failure to coordinate the road closure and diversion.

“I have made inquiries and have made people aware of this and there will be an internal investigation to find out what went wrong.”

The works are due to be finished by this afternoon.